IMG_3584The idea for this dress came to me when I was google-ing and Pinterest-ing for Scandinavian/Vintage inspired crochet patterns. All I could find were knitting patterns! Why are there hardly any cute, modern, and functional crochet patterns for clothing out there? I thought in my little brain: You know what you should do, you should design your own vintage inspired crochet clothing! With beautiful yarn, tight stitches and gorgeous colors! Why not!! There is absolutely no reason in my mind that crochet cannot look just as beautiful as knitting! So there was the idea born for my pattern shop. And my newest addition is this dress pattern.

I am IN LOVE with this dress! It uses a DK weight yarn, and a relatively small hook. I know, I know, most people prefer bulky yarn, but look how beautiful those stitches look! And it really comes together quite quickly! Promise!

IMG_3593ย Of course, the type of yarn you choose will make a big difference in the end result. I used Knitpicks City Tweed DK yarnย in the color Romance. One of my favorite yarns of all time!

So, for this vintage dress, of course we needed a photo shoot setting with a vintage feel to it. What better than an old train station, that literally looks like it has been abandoned for ages. It just so happens we live in a super remote town where the train stops maybe once a day and so the train station has been neglected for a long time. Perfect! So the plan was to take pictures on the train tracks. The whole time leading up to the shoot, J. kept asking me if it was safe. The conversation went something like this:

J: You want me to walk ON the train tracks? What if a train comes!!!

Me: J., I will make sure you are safe. I am with you, so it will be fine.

J: But what if a train comes and we don’t make it off the tracks in time.

Me: (knowing that the train comes almost never, and if it does it goes, like 10km/h and the tracks are straight and I can see for miles ahead) J., please trust me, the train is not coming. It “never” comes! It is surely not going to come right that moment when we decide to go take pictures there….

So we went to the train tracks and guess what! Not one, but THREE trains were standing on the tracks!!! HA!

Yes, the trains actually look like this in Canada!

Oh well, no pictures on the tracks, but we still got some pretty sweet shots I think. The trains were huffing and puffing, so the look on her face is not even fake! She was just standing there clutching the bear and all I had to do was snap pics ๐Ÿ™‚

Note the mosquito and fly bites all over her face. Poor girl got hit hard just the day before. This is the price you pay for living in the wilderness…. err, I mean in the beautiful North of Canada.

Check out the pattern here:ย Snowdrop Crochet Etsy Store

Have a wonderful day, lovelies, and see you soon!



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