The washer is running, the breakfast dishes are put away, and I have one hour before the DH comes home for lunch. I will not tell you what the rest of the house looks like after we have been away for a few weeks and I was sick this whole week! But, the kids are playing nicely downstairs (which won’t last long) and I even brushed my teeth, so I thought what better time to write a post. HA!


Today, I would like to share with you this beautiful sweater/jacket designed by Vendula Maderska. I absolutely love this pattern. All of Vendula’s crochet patterns are colorful and interesting, she puts so much effort in embellishing her work and making it just so. I admire that, because I truly do not have the patience for it! But look how beautiful the sweater is even just on its own!


This pattern comes for two sizes, 3T and 5T. I made the bigger version a few years ago in rainbow colors and it has held up for two girlies already.

Not quite sure what this pose was supposed to be… 🙂

I think the over sized look makes this sweater stunning, interesting, and simply CUTE!!! It also means the sweater fits for a long time! It fits big and baggy on my 3 year old and nicely fitted on my (tall) 5 year old. I made the sleeves a bit longer than suggested in the pattern, and so they can both wear it.IMG_3647

I used KnitPicks Comfy Sport yarn, which is perfect for it I find. Also, this yarn comes in so many colors that you can truly make this sweater your own. The colors for this are Whisker, White, Flamingo, and Peony.

Oh have I mentioned this pattern is completely FREE!!! You can get it on Ravelry. You’re welcome!

Just a few more pics because they she is so cute 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Side note: I can’t believe the kids only came upstairs once while I was sitting here. It must be my Birthday.

Have a wonderful day, lovelies, and see you soon!



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