I have too many hobbies, I think (bahahahaha!!!) Of course I am KIDDING!! There is no such thing as too many hobbies. Ok, my husband would probably disagree… And I admit, trying to find a place for all my crap  craft-stuff is becoming more and more of a struggle… but I will NEVER admit that I might have to much!

I have wanted to make a quiet book for my kids for EVER!! Of course, it is one of those things where you keep putting it off because you are too busy, or just don’t know where to start. Or you have such a big project list on your Pinterest that you would not be able to finish these projects if you lived 1000 years! And on top of that, you keep learning new crafts/skills that take all your time and make you completely addicted, like sewing and crochet. Anybody know this feeling? This might or might not be the actual reason that I haven’t made a quiet book yet. Until NOW!!!

A few weeks ago, I was accepted as a Brand Ambassador for Rebecca Page. This is a huge honor, and came as a complete surprise! I never thought I would actually get into sewing that much, I only recently learned to sew and still consider myself a newbie. I love making clothes for my girls, there is just so many cute patterns and fabrics out there. And I am a sucker for everything hand made. As part of the agreement, Rebecca sends me patterns and I am allowed to sew them up and share them with the world. And guess what! She came out with a quilted quiet book/doll house, so of course I HAD to make it!!!

Note that you do not need a fancy sewing machine for this project!

Here is what I love about it:

  • Everything.

Haha, no seriously, I love that it is quilted/sewn. I have never made a quilt but after making this house, I actually believe I could do it! (Another one of those Pinterest boards…) And the best part is it uses scraps!

I love that there are tons of cute things included in the pattern. Everything I made for this book was made using only the pattern pieces. They are versatile and of course you can let your imagination go wild and add whatever you like to yours!

Here, I used some of the pattern pieces to create a bathroom. Pretty cute, eh?

I love that there are many options for different pages, so you can individualize without having to think everything up yourself.

I love that you can either make it minimalist style and let your kid’s imagination rule the world, or you can  add activities that build their cognitive skills.

I love that there are three choices for stuffies, that you can make to go with it.

Kitty and Mouse sleeping in their bed.

I love that is can be taken places because of the straps. My kids carry it around the house all the time, and I know it will make those long car rides to grandma more fun in the future.


In short, my kids are obsessed with it, and I love watching them play. And I already have orders for more! People, think Christmas presents!

Oh, and a very important side note: the fact that I have so much craft stuff was very helpful in making this book and adding all these details. I mean, otherwise I could not have done that. And I can’t just go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of stuff because there is nothing around for 300 km. So there you have the proof that I need all my stuff. And I can’t get rid of it. Obviously!

So go, get the pattern, and make a book for every child in your life!

Link to Quiet Book Pattern

Have a wonderful day, lovelies and see you soon!


*The above link is an affiliate link.


3 thoughts on “Quilted Doll House/Quiet Book

  1. Your Quiet Book is wonderful. The way you used the given pieces for other uses is great. I’m going to definitely be inspired by them for my next quiet book! I made one straight to the pattern, but yours – oh, my goodness – it’s terrific!

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