As far as skirt patterns go, there are just so many available! BUT, Rebecca Page just came out with the most amazing new skirt pattern! What makes this one so special you ask? Well, here is all you need to know about the pattern and the project:

(Links to the patterns at the end of this post)


What is included?

  • 4 different lengths (above knee, knee, midi/tea, and maxi lengths)
  • 2 waistband heights (regular and tall)
  • Optional sash can be tied at the front or back
  • Optional side seam pockets with hidden french seams
  • Suitable for both knit and woven fabrics
  • Available for sizes 18″doll up to 5XL


What is special about Rebecca Page patterns?

Aside from the fact that they are gorgeous, these patterns are extremely detailed and well written. There are many pictures to go along with the pattern and tips on how to make your garment look truly beautiful and professional, without having to have a fancy sewing machine or a serger. I only started sewing this year, so I have so much to learn and need very clear instructions, otherwise I don’t know the front from the back! LOL! It just makes me so happy that I can make professional clothes for me and my girls because of these amazing patterns! The Arabella is no exception!

Check out these French seam pockets! All the seams are hidden, the pockets are hidden, and they look so good! This was only the second time I have ever sewn pockets, so it blew my mind that I could do this!


Also, the ruffled part on the back makes me extremely happy! Look at those crisp folds πŸ™‚


How versatile is this skirt pattern and how many times can I make it before it gets boring?

In the tester group, people used all kinds of lightweight fabrics. You can see the pictures on the Rebecca Pages website, when you go to get the pattern. The results were phenomenal! A maxi skirt with high quality, flowy fabric paired with a blouse makes for an outfit fit for weddings, while simple lightweight cotton paired with a shirt makes for a perfect summery outfit to go to the cafe or shopping. Because of all the different options, each skirt can look completely different from the next. For myself, I am planning on making a maxi skirt in sheer fabric with a solid underskirt that only goes to the knee… (insert dreamy face)

For my girls I used quilting cotton from Artgallery fabrics, which resulted in a fuller look, and I love it this way!


I had this picture in my head of a specific look with this skirt, so I made a coordinating Emma blouse (also an amazing pattern from Rebecca Page). This is the result:

The sun was so strong that day…


I am in love with it!!! The best part is that I can use both items individually dressed down, so they aren’t reserved for special occasions.

So, all in all, I love the Arabella skirt and you will too! I know that I will make several different versions for myself when this baby is born πŸ˜‰

It is also on SALE through August 17th!!! Here are the links, and while you are at it, I highly recommend getting the Emma pattern as well. (There will be more blog posts about that one in the future, for sure!)

Arabella Skirt Mommy and Me Bundle

Arabella Skirt Ladies

Arabella Skirt Girls

Emma Mommy and Me Bundle Bundle

And for more inspiration:


Have a lovely summer day, and see you soon!



One thought on “The Arabella Skirt by Rebecca Page – A Review, A Sale, A Lot of Pictures

  1. Trish and I were just talking about the Emma shirt and saying we hadn’t seen pictures yet. It looks great and those fabrics are all so nicely coordinated.

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