Make Yourself a Denim Jacket!

*Sigh*, the kids are watching a show, the baby is napping ( - wait, why am I not napping!), and I just sat down with a cup of coffee. (I really need a cup of coffee.) Lets talk about the Kingston Jacket by Rebecca Page, shall we?


The Arabella Skirt by Rebecca Page – A Review, A Sale, A Lot of Pictures

As far as skirt patterns go, there are just so many available! BUT, Rebecca Page just came out with the most amazing new skirt pattern! What makes this one so special you ask? Well, here is all you need to know about the pattern and the project: (Links to the patterns at the end of…

The fishy dress

My little one, Z., LOVES dresses! But not just any dress. No, she wants the “other” dress. So every morning, our conversation goes something like this: Z.: Mommy, I want to wear a dress. Me: Okay, let’s see what we’ve got in your closet. Z: No, I want another dress. Me: I haven’t even taken…